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Version: 9.0.0


Test Maker is packed with robust features to elevate your test automation experience. Let's delve into some of the key functionalities that make Test Maker a standout tool

End-to-End Test Automation

Seamlessly automate your end-to-end testing processes, ensuring comprehensive coverage and reliability in your applications.

Super Fast Execution

Experience lightning-fast test execution for quick feedback loops, enabling your team to iterate and deliver with speed.

Multiple Adapters

Adapt to various environments effortlessly with multiple adapters, providing flexibility for diverse application architectures and technologies.

Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)

Embrace BDD practices for enhanced collaboration between development and testing teams. Write human-readable scenarios that drive automated tests.

Simple API

Enjoy the simplicity of a user-friendly API that facilitates easy test creation and maintenance, making automation accessible to all skill levels.

Page Model

Organize your tests effectively using the Page Model pattern, enhancing readability and maintainability of your test suite.

Live Reload

Witness instant feedback with live reload functionality, allowing you to make changes to your tests and see the results in real-time.


Optimize testing efficiency by running tests in parallel, significantly reducing execution time and accelerating your testing pipeline.


Ensure robustness in your tests by incorporating automatic retries, allowing for more resilient test execution in dynamic environments.


Easily manage and focus on specific test scenarios with filtering options, streamlining your test suite execution based on criteria that matter to you.


Organize your tests into suites, providing a structured approach to test management and execution.


Access comprehensive reports to gain insights into test results. Visualize data to make informed decisions and track the health of your application.

TypeScript Support

Leverage the power of TypeScript for enhanced code maintainability and developer productivity in your test automation projects.

Assertion Library

Assert with confidence using a robust assertion library, ensuring the accuracy of your test results.

Command Line Interface (CLI)

Integrate seamlessly into your development workflow with a powerful CLI, offering flexibility and automation options.

Extensibility with Plugins

Extend the functionality of Test Maker with plugins, allowing you to tailor the tool to your specific testing needs.

Jira Integration

Streamline collaboration by integrating with Jira. Keep your testing and development teams in sync by linking test cases with Jira issues.

Ready to revolutionize your test automation experience? Dive into Test Maker and harness these features for a more efficient and effective testing journey!