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Tests you can trust !

Simplicity first

A minimal setup using convention over configuration, Fluent API, all build around web standards.

Focus on What Matters

All testing type

Unit Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing and E2E Testing, you name it, and we got you covered using one platform.

Pega Ready

Reusable Pega controls and widgets To simplify the process of writing tests against Pega applications.

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Simple Human Readable API

Fluent/Chainable API that mimics human readable actions to control the client.


Improves communication between tech and non-tech teams and stakeholders.

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Live Reload

Write code and let us recompile, refresh the browser and run the tests without restarting the process.

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Save Time and Money by running multiple tests in parallel.


A rich CLI that provides many commands and configuration options to configure and start the Testing process.

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Extend The platform to tailor your custom requirements.