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Version: 8.0.2

System Requirements

Node.jsVersion 20.0.0 or higher
Operating System- Windows 10 (version 7 might work, but it depends on the used Adapter and other parts of the system) or
- Linux (Some Adapters like Microsoft Playwright require extra libs to be installed. Refer to their documentation) or
Adequate Hardware Resources- Disk Space, CPU, and RAM in proportion to the required number of tests to run in parallel. As a general base recommendation, a system with 4 Cores CPU, 8 GB of RAM, and 100 GB of disk space is sufficient for most general demands.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)Any IDE (e.g., Visual Studio Code)
(Optional) JavaJava (required for generating Allure reports)

Please note that it would be preferable to have administrator or root rights to use Test Maker without barriers.